"As I watched Jennifer work, she guided the group to a new level of understanding around the value of Creative Problem Solving and possibilities it offers. Her professional and intuitive demeanor allowed for a seamless transition from uncertainty to excitement. "

Karen Freidt
Lead, NASA's Navigation Center for Creativity, Collaboration & Innovation

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Jennifer. She was our keynote speaker and facilitator for our first ‘Unconference’ for the MPI Ottawa chapter and this educational session wouldn’t have come together without her. She was very hands on in developing the design of the sessions as soon as she came on board with us. Not only did all members of the planning team rave about working with her but also on our survey we had nothing but positive feedback about her from attendees. Here is an example of a comment ‘ Jennifer Spear was excellent, she set the stage to ensure the success of the breakout groups, challenged us and brought a lot of value.’ I would highly recommend Jennifer and truly hope I have the opportunity to work with her again in the near future.”

Ashley Craven
MPI Ottawa Education Programming Committee Event Lead

"Jennifer Spear is a gifted speaker who knows how to engage an audience, shake participants out of their comfort zones and help them start implementing strategies immediately. A frequent speaker at CSTD events including the national conference and the national symposium, she always receives the highest acclaim from participants. Not only does she provide memorable, informative sessions, but she has audiences laughing, standing, and participating at an unprecedented level. Regardless of the space or time constrictions we may have placed upon her, Jennifer was able to adapt her content to our audience and our event while still managing to deliver superior results. As a conference planner, I have always found Jennifer to be a creative partner willing to test new strategies to help us boost attendance and engagement. She’s a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to deliver fresh, positive and uplifting experiences to their colleagues, attendees or employees. I have no doubt she’ll prove an asset to your event."

Danielle Lamothe
Director Professional Services (former)
Canadian Society of Training and Development, CSTD

"I engaged Jennifer to facilitate a conference with my Business Intelligence client group involving over 100 Managers. Jennifer did a masterful job, and in particular, customized the session to be a perfect fit with the goals and needs of this unique group.”

Tammi Langdon
Senior HR/IR Consultant
BCE (Bell)

"Jennifer Spear is truly an expert in her field. She led a session for the CSAE through their Association Excellence series. The presentation was a great combination of ideas and self-discovery and is much more effective than someone claiming they know everything and telling you what to do. She would be a great person to facilitate strategic planning and problem solving. 

The result is, I walked out of the session with several solutions to a problem that had kept me awake the night before. How many times does your Monday morning start out like that? "
Allan Dubyts
SafeandSecured.com Inc

"Jennifer created an unforgettable learning event for our Leadership team. She went out of her way to get to know our organization and our needs for our retreat. She really cares about the outcome of her training and this had a significant impact on the valuable learning our team walked away with. Jennifer is fantastic to work with! Her content is smart, her delivery and experiential learning activities are flawless and people will truly learn something amazing that they can use right away (and they’ll have fun too!). "

Amanda Bjorn
Director Learning and Development
Providence Healthcare

"Jennifer is an incredibly charismatic speaker and an effective workshop facilitator. She truly understands innovation best practices. Quickly understanding the complexities of our organization, she designed an engaging cultural transformation session that introduced current innovation theories, processes and methods in a way that resonated with all participants. The following day, key quotes were repeated in hallways and new tools were used in meetings. I would highly recommend Jennifer for your next event. "

Eric Blais
Director of Innovation

"Improv and Healthcare? A Perfect Match!
Never before has an external speaker brought so much to our organization. Jennifer had her finger on the pulse of our work. She showed a real understanding of how we operate and what our needs were. This enabled her to apply her material to our specific situation with mastery. As an educator, I appreciated the adept use of adult education principles with a multi-modal , active participatory approach. She engaged every corner of the room! The day was energizing, collaborative, thought provoking and confidence building. Can’t wait for her book!”

Anna Marie Sneath
Professional Practice Leader, Physiotherapy
Providence Healthcare

"Clean Slate Strategies was not only able to provide insight into how to bring the right people to the table for solving problems; but also, a straightforward problem solving process to deliver results."

Lorena M. Ferino
Vice President, Information Technology and Systems
Weston Foods

"I had the privilege of working with Jennifer and Clean Slate Strategies and I must say, it was an outstanding, excellent partnership. Jennifer was a wonderful teacher, a gifted speaker; she captivated her audience with every word she spoke. Jennifer presented an abundance of material with ease and grace. "
Kirsten Wells, MBA, PMP
Director & General Manager, Public Alerting
Pelmorex Communications Inc, (The Weather Network)

"Eight months after adoption, the organization can already see the dividends in terms of more focused programming and more cohesive efforts."
David Page
National Executive Director
Canadian Hemophilia Society

"Our work with Jennifer Spear of Clean Slate and her use of the Basadur Problem Solving methodology was the critical enabler of our organizational development strategy. Jennifer skillfully took subgroups from a recently formed professional services group through the same organizational challenge – integration – and was able to draw out several tangible problems to tackle. "
Jeff Conlin
Senior Director
Integrated Service Delivery, Operations Business Management

"I'd like to thank Jennifer, of Clean Slate Strategies, for having guest lectured in my course at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Her educational, intriguing process was well-received by all. I am sure the session will pay dividends to my students in years to come, and certainly will prove useful in their group projects this term. Thanks Jennifer! "
Dr. Brynn Winegard
Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Director of MBA Recruitment
Ted Rogers School of Management
Ryerson University

"Jennifer created a unique workshop for one of our teams at PHCP Incorporated. She engaged and ignited their creative sides to help them work better together. Our organization is very small and we must be aware of one another’s capabilities and preferences. Through innovative activities such as improv, word games and the Basadur profile she helped them to understand one another better and how to approach situations and to solve problems creatively. The team’s experience with this workshop has changed the way they relate to others at work as well, and they find that they are better equipped to handle difficult situations. They are more willing to speak up and to assist in solving problems. I feel that this was so helpful for our organization and am grateful that Jennifer was flexible and innovative and available to lead this workshop. "
Heidi Schwarzkopf
President and General Manager
PHCP Incorporated

"Jennifer’s ability to get results and identify much needed answers, through her creative process, is outstanding. She helped me get past obstacles quickly and innovatively in order to get me on the right track regarding my business value and positioning. I am thoroughly impressed with her skills and would highly recommend her to any organization looking to make changes."

Wendy Woods
Watershed Training Solutions

“Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and personable. She engaged the entire group and kept the exercises lively and entertaining. Jennifer is obviously very passionate about her craft and injects high energy into her presentations and workshops. Our team definitely benefitted from this experience and walked away with usable tools to better deal with team members.”

Mike Gerrior
Purchasing Manager
Supplies and Services, Finance Department
The Regional Municipality of York

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