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It's Not About You

Feb 16 2017
We are all in Customer Service, regardless of your job. But if you are in sales it is especially important to remember:  Its not about YOU

2016 in Lists

Dec 30 2016

2016 comes to an end.  For many not a moment too soon. It was a year filled with UnPredictable and UnExpected events in the world.  Here is a collection of Lists that summarize the Best and Worst of 2016.

Do you want fries with that?

Oct 22 2016

Customer Service Scripts are not to be confused with Customer Service 

Why do you want your employees to follow a Script? Is it to ensure there are no mistakes? It will also help to accomplish something else. It will ensure that they don’t make improvements or innovations. You can also pretty much guarantee that you will not surprise or delight your customers in any way or do anything that might encourage customer loyalty.


Make Believers

Aug 26 2016

If someone isn’t doing what has been repeatedly requested of them, they either...

Procrastinate Later: The Upside of Procrastination

Jul 25 2016

Procrastinate later – The Upside of Procrastination 

 For many of us its easy to put off stuff that we don’t enjoy, or stuff that has little value to us, or the hard stuff, or the important-but-not-screaming-urgent stuff, or the stuff we do want to do but think it will take too long, or when we are not sure where to start, or if we don’t want to ask for help or, because its Thursday. 

There are lots of reasons to put stuff off but can you procrastinate strategically...?


Maybe I'm Amazed: 10 Performance Lessons from a Beatle

Jul 21 2016

Last night I watched as 74 year old Sir Paul McCartney created an experience for the crowd that followed a steady build throughout the night that exploded (literally) at the end with Live & Let Die. It was my third time seeing McCartney perform live, and he never disappoints.

10 Performance Lessons from a Beatle

Procrastinate Later–Act Now

Jul 11 2016

Procrastinate Later–Act Now 

 You will never have all the information. You will never be able to talk to all the people. You will always be able to improve your website, your blog post, your book. You can always tweak your features, functionality or form. You can always put off your decisions until tomorrow… right? 

Know the Rules. Break the Rules.

Apr 21 2016

When you first learn to play a musical instrument you must learn the fundamentals, read the music, play the notes.

When you get good you can improvise.

Interview Innovation

Mar 31 2016

Hiring for your company can be one of the most important decisions you make, and if you are a start-up you can’t afford a mistake. You want to make sure you ask the right questions, right? Not so fast. How do you know who to invite to the interview process?  Nathan Waterhouse, director and co-founder of IDEO’s collaborative problem solving platform, OIEngine wrote about a hiring experiment in his blog that OIEngine is trying, they invite the candidates to submit 10 questions they have about the job. According to Waterhouse, “The questions people ask, and the way they ask them tells you more than a ...

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