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Competitive Insights

Mar 31 2016

What could you learn from watching your customers interact with yours or your competitors’ products or services…? Chances are you could identify areas of improvement in functionality, presentation, delivery, service, communication or follow up. No one has to know where you got the insights, not even your hairdresser ;)

REVOLUTIONS not Resolutions

Mar 26 2015

If you want to create real change you need to start a REVOLUTION, not simply make a Resolution.

At this time of year, you hear a lot about making Resolutions, and the stats on the likelihood that many of us won’t achieve our goals. 

Three reasons resolutions don’t work:

Innovation: One Size Does Not Fit All

Sep 25 2014

As I am getting ready to speak at the first time ever in Canada FEI Conference – The Front End of Innovation I have pulled out my notes from the first one that I attended in 2012. If you are interested in attending FEI Toronto, September 29-October 1st 2014 and want to save 20% click here

Blitz Attack - Tip for Generating Lots of Ideas

Sep 25 2014

When you want to come up with a good idea you need to have a lot of ideas.  (how do you know if it’s a good idea if it’s the only one you’ve had…?).  Studies have proven that Quality will come out of Quantity so the size of your idea list is important.

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