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Procrastinate Later–Act Now

Jul 11 2016

Procrastinate Later–Act Now

You will never have all the information.
You will never be able to talk to all the people.
You will always be able to improve your website, your blog post, your book.
You can always tweak your features, functionality or form.
You can always put off your decisions until tomorrow… right?

There will always be another opinion, source or resource to check.

You may feel there is a risk in acting, but there may be a greater risk in hesitating.

Do your homework, gather the data, ask the smart people, and then decide.
Make the best decisions you can based on the information you have.
Eventually you have to draw the line in the sand and say, “This is what we’re doing.
It might not be perfect, but we will try and we will learn.”

If you are going to fail, fail early and fail fast. Learn from what didn’t work and fix it; improve it and try again. Failure is simply more data.

An opportunity missed or lost could net huge consequences, and all you may learn is regret.

Be willing to take a risk.
Be willing to make a mistake and be willing to own it.

Others may hesitate, caution or worry it’s not quite ready.
Don’t allow the inaction of others to stop you from innovating.

Procrastinate Later. Act Now.

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