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2016 in Lists

Dec 30 2016

2016 comes to an end. For many not a moment too soon. It was a year filled with UnPredictable and UnExpected events in the world. Here is a collection of Lists that summarize the Best and Worst of 2016.

List of Lists

Most Shared Business Stories – Fast Company

Top 10 Most Popular Stories in Fast Company

Most Creative People – Ad Age

50 Most Creative People of the year

Best Ideas in Technology – Pogie Awards

Celebrate the best ideas within products, not necessarily the best product

Best & Worst Leadership Moments – Fast Company

FC shares the 10 Best & Worst Moments in Leadership

Best Photos of 2016 – National Geographic

52 of the best photos that depict a year in striking images

If you are looking for Business Books you could check out these Lists:

Inc’s Top 10 Business Books

Forbes' Top 10 Business Books

Business Insider’s Top 20 Business Books

New York Times Best Sellers of 2016 (some published before 2016)

Bill Gate’s Favourite Books of 2016

Interestingly, there isn’t one book that made it on all the lists. Personally, I am looking forward to finishing GRIT by Angela Duckworth. You can view her TED Talk here.

Looking forward to 2017 and witnessing great ideas, leadership and innovation.

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