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It's Not About You

Feb 16 2017

It's Not About YOU

I was working with a client on-site all day. When I am with a client I am fully engaged and focused on them and their team. Because of that I turn my phone off.

At the end of the day as I am packing up I turn my phone on and there is a voicemail from a number that I don't recognize. I listen, it is a sales person from a company that I had contacted via their website to inquire about a trial of their on-line product. He left a short voicemail and said that he would follow up with an email.

Now in the taxi after the full-day event on the way back to the airport I read the email that he sent moments after leaving the voicemail message…

Subject: Final Contact

In the body of the email he informs me that he had attempted to contact me and he wanted to give me “a last opportunity to ask any questions and take advantage of a discount…”

Wow. Thank you for the opportunity.

How often do we contact people when it is convenient for us vs. for them?
How often do we assume that people aren’t responding immediately because “they are obviously not interested” vs. maybe they are just busy working…

If someone is not immediately responsive to our email, phone message or promotion we often will send a “reminder” email in our efforts for efficiency however…, if you were to take a moment and reflect that it all might not be about “you” before you hit “send” you may send a different email.

That subject line of “final contact” is about you not your customer. You are trying to communicate that:
“I have attempted to make contact and if you are interested you can contact me.” 
What it actually communicates is that:
“I am busy and more important than you and don’t want to waste any more of MY time contacting you as it might not be convenient for ME and we really don’t care about your needs, you are just a number to ME”.

In this case, his email worked and I was sparked into action. To write this post but certainly not to contact HIM, ever.


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