Procrastinate Later

I meant to get this newsletter out sooner, honest but I started to research procrastination and found that it could actually be a positive thing so then well... yeah, ya know what happened.

Now there is good procrastination and bad procrastination and as with everything from cholesterol to investments, you want to encourage the good and limit the bad, or at least learn to tame it.

In this newsletter there are some recommended links to articles and videos on procrastination that you could look at now, or maybe you'll do it later

Ted Talk - Tim Urban's Inside The Mind of a Master Procrastinator
Blog Post - Procrastinate Later
Video - 7 Simple Ways To Tackle Bad Procrastination, Fast Company
Book - The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

TED Talk
So you can put off that report you need to write, stop writing that email to your client or avoid that tough conversation with your direct report and watch Tim Urban's TED Talk - Inside The Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Tim talks about 2 kinds of procrastination - the type with a deadline and the type without and discusses 2 parts of our brain - the rational decision maker and the instant-gratification monkey. Which one is steering your ship...?

Here is my blog post where I look at Justified, Behavioural & Strategic Procrastination Procrastinate Later: The Upside of Procrastination

Here's a quick video from Fast Company on 7 simple ways to tackle bad Procrastination

For those of you procrastinating on big stuff or looking to "create" something - like writing that book, starting a business, finishing that painting, sticking to a diet or running a marathon then Steven Pressfield's best-selling book The War of Art may be the kick in the pants you need. Steven helps you identify and defeat your inner barriers including, you guessed it, procrastination.

We are all procrastinators - what are you putting off...? And, is it worth it...?

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