Manage in the moment.

In improv, anything can happen. It’s unpredictable, unconventional, unscripted – qualities organizations often seek to avoid. Isn’t it ironic then, that these are the very things that top organizations know they need to embrace to remain relevant in their marketplace.

If the only thing we can count on today is that things are going to change then one of the most important skills for any leader or organization will be the ability to improvise. Learning and applying the rules of improv helps leaders manage in the moment and to build flexible organizations that react at the speed of change.

What if when faced with uncertainty and ambiguity, your people only see opportunity?

While an improviser can’t rehearse, they can prepare. The rules, skills and principles of improv are fundamental to developing the UnScripted Mindset and UnScripted Teams.

The fundamentals of improv are built into any UnScripted session and can be utilized to focus on different skills sets including: communication, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, innovation, ideation, creativity, negotiation, trust, agility, accountability and change.

Are you looking to create a highly interactive, engaging and impactful event?

UnScripted keynotes and breakout sessions will have your audience laughing and learning.

Do you want to improve your employees’ ability to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity?

UnScripted Workshops give your employees the tools and the space to build confidence to face challenge and change.

Interested in developing effective teams built on trust, collaboration and a common goal?

UnScripted training takes team-building and collaboration to a whole new level.